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JEN CLOHER Hidden Hands "12 VINYL

$10.00 AUD

Jen Cloher
"Hidden Hands" 2nd Album
Released 2009
+ includes digital download (MP3)

10 year anniversary --- First time on vinyl !!! Deluxe gatefold edition. Transparent yellow.

Hidden Hands is the second album from Jen Cloher and The Endless Sea released in 2009 chronicling the loss of Cloher's mother Dorothy to Alzheimers. Produced by Laura Jean with guests Biddy Connor and Tom Healy (Tiny Ruins).

1. Mother's Desk
2. Fear Is Like A Forest
3. I Am Going But I Am Not Gone
4. Birdsong
5. Hidden Hands
6. It Must Come Through
7. Eden With My Eve
8. Time Among The Pines
9. Watch Me Disappear

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