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Olympic Girls
Release Date: 1 February 2019

1. Olympic Girls*
2. School Of Design
3. How Much*
4. Sparklers
5. Holograms
6. Kore Waits in the Underworld
7. Bounty
8. One Million Flowers
9. My Love Leda
10. Stars, False, Fading
11. Cold Enough to Climb

*You will receive a digital version of these tracks upon pre-order

Hollie Fullbrook: acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, cello, mellotron
Cass Basil: electric and upright bass, backing vocals, mellotron
Alex Freer: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Tom Healy: electric guitar, moog, synths, mellotron
Finn Scholes: hammond organ, vibraphone, piano

All songs written by Hollie Fullbrook
Produced by Tom Healy
Engineered & Mixed by Tom Healy at Paquin Studios, The Lab, Mt. Eden
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

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